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About us

Smartpix, a metal-free interdental brush conceived and developed by an orthodontist for his patients.

Unsatisfied with available products, the aim was to create a safe interdental brush that had the resistance of wired brushes without the risks inherent to using metal: detachment of orthodontic appliances, gingival injury or breakage between teeth.
So, a French orthodontist and an Italian engineer came together to develop wire-free interdental brushes that satisfied the criteria of safety and that of resistance and efficiency.

Smartpix: the first of its kind.

Unlike existing products on the market which are typically made from three different elements (plastic grip, wire core and nylon bristles), Smartpix is the first interdental brush with a plastic core to be made from a unique mould and a single material. Its flexible head gives it a more comfortable access to the most difficult interdental spaces providing a more effective approach to cleaning between teeth, dental braces, bridges or implants. Safety of our users is vital to us, which is why the design of brush tip and bristles are all rounded, stimulating gums without causing harm.

With the use of the most innovative technology available, Smartpix is the most efficient way to ensure improved oral hygiene.

Made in Italy.