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Brushes, picks or Smartpix?

Regular toothbrushes cannot reach approximately 40% of tooth surfaces. This means that used alone toothbrushes are ineffective in removing food debris and plaque, which can lead to gum inflammation, halitosis, cavities and periodontal disease. 

The use of interdental brushes is necessary to access these difficult spaces and avoid plaque build-up. 

Two types of interdental products exist today: brushes and picks. 

Brushes: typically made of three components (a plastic grip, wire core and nylon bristles). The small bristles ensure efficient removal of food debris. However, they are often too weak to remove plaque effectively. Further, the wire can sometimes break, causing injury to users and the hassle of having to get it removed professionally. 

Picks: often made out of plastic and coated in silicone. Picks do not have extended bristles, making them less efficient. Instead of removing the plaque between teeth, it tends to push it into the mouth. Further, the coating can get stuck between teeth, strongly impacting your comfort. Due to their lack of resistance, these picks can generally only be used once.

Smartpix: is made from a unique mould and a single plastic material. Thanks to its resistant bristles and its trap & lock technology, it removes plaque efficiently and can be used several times. The flexible and comfortable head allows you to access the most difficult spaces effortlessly. Finally, because of its unique plastic material, no risks of injury exists. 

Smartpix is an innovative interdental brush that is safer and more efficient than brushes or picks.